Newly Single

Moving on from alone

Alone. It’s a sinking feeling in your stomach when the whole world seems to have somebody and you find yourself without the special someone. A break-up can flip your world upside down in a moment, leave you feeling like you don’t know who you are, what you’ve done to deserve this or how to move forward.

The thought of moving forward in itself can seem terrifying. If you have been in a relationship for a long time, it can be hard to image where that forward is and overcome the fear of leaving that which is so familiar. Just conceding that this painful situation is your new reality is difficult, your whole being standing in resistance and denial that someone you love has turned their back on you.

I have been there and it is my personal experience that has compelled to reach out to broken hearts out there with an offer of more than just hope, but a healing and fulfilment to those that are willing to take a leap of faith with me.

This too shall pass.

There is a lot of truth and comfort in this old Buddhist saying. Your pain, disappointment and feeling of loneliness will surely pass. Nothing lasts forever, not even broken hearts. Whether you wish your ex back or dream of someone new, it is without any doubt something you can and will achieve. The acknowledgement of the simple fact that your current situation is temporary, but a fleeting phase of your life, will offer soothing and relief for your heart.

What you have now is an opportunity. An opportunity to focus on yourself, to figure out who you are. You. Not the girlfriend, not the wife, not anyone defined in the context of somebody else. You have the time and the opportunity to discover who you are, become a whole woman, the source of your own strength and power. From that place of being centred and self actualized, anything is possible.

Take 15 minutes now to make a list of all the things you can accomplish in your life while you are not someone’s somebody. What can you do for you?


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